This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the jobapis/jobs-indeed package instead.

Making it simple to integrate your application with Indeed Jobs API.

0.4.0 2015-09-01 20:32 UTC


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This package provides Indeed Jobs API support for the JobBrander's Jobs Client.


To install, use composer:

composer require jobbrander/jobs-indeed


Usage is the same as Job Branders's Jobs Client, using \JobBrander\Jobs\Client\Provider\Indeed as the provider.

$client = new JobBrander\Jobs\Client\Provider\Indeed([
    'publisher' => 'YOUR INDEED PUBLISHER ID',
    'v' => 2, // Optional. Default is 2.
    'highlight' => 0,

$jobs = $client
    ->setKeyword('project manager')                 // Query. By default terms are ANDed. To see what is possible, use the [advanced search page]( to perform a search and then check the url for the q value.
    ->setFormat('json')                             // Format. Which output format of the API you wish to use. The options are "xml" and "json". If omitted or invalid, the json format is used.
    ->setCity('Chicago')                            // City.
    ->setState('IL')                                // State.
    ->setLocation('Chicago, IL')                    // Location. Use a postal code or a "city, state/province/region" combination. Will overwrite any changes made using setCity and setState
    ->setSort('date')                               // Sort by relevance or date. Default is relevance.
    ->setRadius('100')                              // Distance from search location ("as the crow flies"). Default is 25.
    ->setSiteType('jobsite')                        // Site type. To show only jobs from job boards use "jobsite". For jobs from direct employer websites use "employer".
    ->setJobType('fulltime')                        // Job type. Allowed values: "fulltime", "parttime", "contract", "internship", "temporary".
    ->setPage(2)                                    // Start results at this result number, beginning with 0. Default is 0.
    ->setCount(200)                                 // Maximum number of results returned per query. Default is 10
    ->setDaysBack(10)                               // Number of days back to search.
    ->filterDuplicates(false)                       // Filter duplicate results. 0 turns off duplicate job filtering. Default is 1.
    ->includeLatLong(true)                          // If latlong=1, returns latitude and longitude information for each job result. Default is 0.
    ->setCountry('us')                              // Search within country specified. Default is us.
    ->setChannel('channel-one')                     // Channel Name: Group API requests to a specific channel
    ->setUserIp($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])            // The IP number of the end-user to whom the job results will be displayed.
    ->setUserAgent($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])     // The User-Agent (browser) of the end-user to whom the job results will be displayed.

The getJobs method will return a Collection of Job objects.


$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.



The Apache 2.0. Please see License File for more information.