Finally, you can change the forum icons to the one you like!

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0.1.2 2019-10-14 18:43 UTC

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Finally, you can change the forum icons to the one you like!

🚀 Installation

To download the extension you can use Bazaar or install it through composer:

composer require fajuu/flarum-icons

✨ Demo

Screenshot from forum:


Screenshot from admin:


👋 A few words from me

I would like to apologise because I said that enlargement would be ready sooner. In any case, the extension is ready and will certainly be used in many forums :D I would also like to thank @clarkwinkelmann for helping me to solve a minor error.

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📝 License

Copyright © 2019 Fajuu.
This project is MIT licensed.

Extension created by @Fajuu, the owner of My Kill