RPC client and server around PHP's xmlrpc library

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Ripcord - XML RPC client and server for PHP

This packages is a copy of https://code.google.com/p/ripcord/.


    composer require darkaonline/ripcord

For Laravel 5 Users

  • Open your AppServiceProvider (located in app/Providers) and add this line in register function
  • Run ripcord:publish to publish configs (config/ripcord.php) or just copy ripcord.php file from vendor/darkaonline/ripcord/src/Ripcord/Prividers/Laravel/config and paste to config folder


Just extend Ripcord class and all your coinfg and basic connection will be done for you automaticly

  namespace Foo\Bar;
  use Ripcord\Providers\Laravel\Ripcord;
  class Provider extends Ripcord

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