Allows you to set default sizes for photos uploaded to the forum and change their size in the url.

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Allows you to set default sizes for photos uploaded to the forum and change their size in the url.

💼 How does it work?

The extension creates its own folder (public/assets/imager), where it places images in a higher resolution. This extension allows you to set the size in the url, maximum up to the photo size. The default saving of photos (from flarum) also works.

📚 What you should know

  • The images are in the above mentioned folder.
  • The url syntax is as follows
    • Favicon http://localhost/assets/favicon?s=64
    • Logo http://localhost/assets/logo?s=60
    • User avatar http://localhost/assets/avatars/{user_avatarUrl}?s=100
  • The variable ?s={size} in the url indicates the size of the image that should display the extension.
  • You can set up a group of users who may have a larger avatar size.

🚀 Installation

To download the extension you can use Bazaar or install it through composer:

composer require artuu/flarum-imager

✨ Demo

Screenshots from:

Screenshot from Imager Settings:

Imager Settings

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📝 License

Copyright © 2020 Artuu.
This project is MIT licensed.

Extension created by @Artuu, the owner of My Kill