Packages tagged with testing

  • sindria/testing

    Useful extensions of PHPUnit classes

  • allan-simon/functionnal-test-helpers

    A suite of helpers traits to help you writing functionnal tests with phpunit for symfony2

  • bbat/verify

    BDD assertion library for PHPUnit

  • schlaus/tagline

    Tagline takes a tag and a file, and tells you if the tag is found in the file, and on which line.

  • mehr-als-nix/assumptions

    Assumptions can be used to skip tests when common preconditions, like the PHP Version or installed extensions, are not met.

  • webit/test-tools

    Web-IT Test tools

  • zumba/elasticsearchunit

    PHPUnit extension that supports ElasticSearch Client

  • seedling/seedling

    A framework agnostic database seeding and fixture library.

  • lmc/steward

    Steward - makes Selenium WebDriver + PHPUnit testing easy and robust

  • crimsonkissaki/mockmaker

    Whether you call them doubles, stubs, mocks, partials, fakes, or something else there are times when a mocking library such as PHPUnit's mockBuilder, Mockery, Prophecy, etc. just doesn't do exactly what you need or want. Sometimes you just need a concrete class implementation to run through the unit test wringer or a full end to end functional unit test suite. MockMaker aims to simplify the process of generating concrete fake ORM entity objects. Flexible and extendable, the generated seed code can be altered to suit your particular project with relative ease. That means after the initial setup you can re-run MockMaker for any new entities that get added in or update existing entities that change with little to no fuss. What's more, once MockMaker has made your files it's done; you don't have to include it in your code base and can use the generated files like any other project class.

  • fr3d/psr3-message-assertions

    Test your log messages are compliant with the PSR-3 specification

  • phppm/phpunit-package

    The PHP Unit Testing framework.

  • phpab/phpab

    A PHP library to create A/B tests.

  • saada/yii2-factory-muffin

    A Yii2 wrapper for league/factory-muffin with Gii generators.

  • aedart/testing-laravel

    Utilities that allows you to test Laravel dependent packages. At its core, this package is a wrapper for the Orchestral Testbench. However, you can make use of this with whatever testing framework you wish; it does not impose you to use neither Orchestral's nor Laravel's TestCase classes.