A PHP client for the Sift Science REST API

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Last update: 2022-08-06 04:25:14 UTC


A PHP client for the Sift Science REST API.

Note: Sift Science now offer their own PHP bindings here.

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This client supports the three basic operations exposed by the Sift API: posting events, labelling users and fetching scores.

The currently supported API version is v203.

Instantiating a client

Interactions with the API occur via Sift\Client. You instantiate a client by passing your API key to its constructor:

$client = new Sift\Client('my-api-key');

The following errors may be thrown by any client request:

  • Sift\Exception\BadRequestException: HTTP 40x; the request was rejected by the API

  • Sift\Exception\ServerErrorException: HTTP 50x; the API endpoint suffered some internal problem

  • Sift\Exception\HttpException: any other exception generated in the course of making the HTTP request (e.g. too many redirects)

Posting events

Create instances of Sift\Event, e.g.:

$event = new Sift\Event(array(
    '$type' => Sift\Event::TYPE_TRANSACTION,
    '$user_id' => '1234',
    // ...

Alternatively, factory constructors are provided for each event type:

$event = Sift\Event::transactionEvent(array(
    '$user_id' => '1234',
    // ...

Then post the event via Sift\Client::postEvent():

$response = $client->postEvent($event);

See https://siftscience.com/docs/references/events-api for more information on posting event data.

Labelling users

Create label objects using the factory methods of Sift\Label, e.g.:

// Label a user as fraudulent, optionally specifying reason codes and an explanation:
$reasons = array(Sift\Label::REASON_SPAM);
$label = Sift\Label::bad($reasons, 'User engaged in phishing attack')

// Alternatively, correct a false positive by labelling a user as non-fraudulent:
$good = Sift\Label::good('Mistakenly identified as fraudulent');

Then post the event via Sift\Client::labelUser():

$response = $client->labelUser('some-user-id', $label);

See https://siftscience.com/docs/references/labels-api for more information on labelling users.

Fetching scores

Fetch fraud score data for a user via Sift\Client::userScore():

$score = $client->userScore('some-user-id');

This returns an instance of Sift\Score. Note that if no events have been captured for the given user, a Sift\Exception\ScoreException will be thrown.

See https://siftscience.com/docs/getting-scores for more information on fetching user fraud scores.