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Asynchronous task execution library

v1.1.1 2014-02-06 23:41 UTC


Allows for long-running or asynchronous tasks to be written as Tasks and queued on a variety on queuing mechanism.

Currently supports Beanstalk and Amazon SQS.

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To add sera to a project, the easiest way is via composer:

    "require": {
        "99designs/sera": ">=1.0.0"



// a simple task
class MyTask extends Sera_Task_Abstract
	public static function create($params)
		return new self($params);

	public function execute()

// a queue that connects to beanstalkd
$queue = new Sera_Queue_BeanstalkQueue("");

// enqueue the task
$queue->enqueue(MyTask::create('some data'));

// normally this would be in a seperate process
$worker = new Sera_Queue_QueueWorker($queue);


Copyright (c) 2012 99designs See LICENSE for details.