PHP client for RightSignature.com API

2.0.0-RC3 2015-12-14 04:07 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-08-15 01:33:16 UTC


A PHP wrapper around the RightSignature API.

This is not a complete implementation. The following API calls are implemented:

  • Document Details
  • Prepackage Template
  • Prefill Template
  • Send Template
  • Signer Links

The following API calls are not yet implemented:

  • List Documents
  • Batch Document Details
  • Resend Reminder Emails
  • Trash Document
  • Extend Expiration
  • Update Document Tags
  • Send Document
  • List Templates
  • Template Details
  • Build New Template
  • User Details
  • Add User
  • Usage Report

Pull requests welcome.


RightSignature\HttpClient currently has a dependency on Guzzle. The test suite additionally requires PHPUnit and Mockery.


$client = RightSignature\HttpClient::forToken($myApiToken);
$rs = new RightSignature($client);

$document = $rs->documentDetails($someDocumentGuid);

Entities match the structure of the API responses:

// Access fields using ->
echo $document->state;

// Hyphen-separated identifiers become underscore_separated
echo $document->original_filename;

// Repeating elements are accessed like array members
echo $document->recipients[0]->name;

See RightSignature API documentation for details.