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Collection of extensions to the doctrine2 ORM


  • Controller Plugins
    • EntityManagerProvider (entityManagerProvider) - Returns the orm_default entity manager
    • AuthenticatedUserProvider (authenticatedUserProvider) - Gets the currently authenticated user (if any)
    • InitFormPlugin (initForm) - Initializes forms that may need the entity manager. Also sets up a doctrine object hydrator.
  • DataFixtures
    • AddIfNotPresentTrait - Helper trait to make it easy to only add fixture entities if they aren't already present in the database
  • Types
    • UTCDateTime (utc_datetime) type as per Doctrine Cookbook. Be careful when querying from this
  • Gedmo Extensions
    • Timestampable
      • Extends Timestampable extension to support UTCDateTime (utc_datetime). DoctrineExtensions\Gedmo\Timestampable\TimestampableListener should be used in place of Gedmo\Timestampable\TimestampableListener in config files
  • Hydrators
    • Single Column Hydrator
  • ORM
    • Repositories
      • SubclassRepositoryFactory that will return a repo that uses the most defined repo definition in the class hierarchy
    • Traits
      • UTCTimestampableEntity - Timestampable behaviour using UTCDateTime
      • EntityManagerAwareTrait - Provides getters/setters for object to hold and instance of an EntityManager.
    • Alias
      • A smarter alias to use with the doctrine query builder. Allows building / chaining of multiple aliases for subquries.


To get The custom type working in skipper, you need to make a custom configuration file and include the following:

<ormd2-configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
 <orm-configuration name="Doctrine2">
   <data-type name="utc_datetime"/>


Install Via composer.

Add DoctrineExtensions to Modules in application.config.php

Config Setup

Copy doctrine-extensions.global.php.dist to your configuration directory and rename to doctrine-extensions.global.php. Modify as necessary.


Some of the unit tests depend on test classes from other modules. Use --prefer-source when installing composer to run them.