Use Propel ORM with Zend Framework 2

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Propel ORM module for Zend Framework 2

Install Via Composer

"require": { "4zend/zpropel": "dev-master" }

Get Started

View the demo directory for an example project and then create your project files at: data/zpropel/proxy

  • Add "Zpropel" to the modules key in config/application.config.php
  • Write your project files (schema.xml, runtime-conf.xml, build.properties) in data/zpropel/proxy
  • CD to your ZF2 application's public/ directory and run: php index.php propel-gen


Once your project is "built" you can access the classes from anywhere using the "Zpropel" namespace.

i.e. $author = new \Zpropel\Author();


Zpropel comes with a Propel behavior designed to trigger Propel "hooks" as ZF2 EventManager events.

i.e. Observe a shared event

$eventManager->getSharedManager()->attach('zpropel', 'author_preSave', function($e){
    $author = $e->getTarget();
    // do something
}, 100);`