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#Tev Label TYPO3 Extension

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Allows management of functional labels through the database and list views.


$ composer require "3ev/tev_label"


Install the TYPO3 extension through the Extension Manager. You'll then be able to add Labels from the List View. Each label has a key and a value. We recommend using the this.is.my.label structure for keys, to mirror TYPO3's built in translation APIs. You can add Labels to any storage folder or page - they will be found globally.

###View Helpers

Tev Label is intended for use in Fluid templates. It provides a single view helper, with which you can fetch a label and include it in your template:

{namespace tvl=Tev\TevLabel\ViewHelpers}

<!-- "First Label" -->
<tvl:label key="my.label.one" />

<!-- Second label, with markers replaced -->
<tvl:label key="my.label.one" markers="{_marker: 'marker replaced'}" />

The markers array is a simple replacement for sections in your label. We recommend the convention of prefixing any markers in your labels with a single underscore.

###Label Manager

If needed, you can an inject an instance of Tev\TevLabel\LabelManager into your Extbase classes. Instances of this class provide a ->get($key, $makers) method, which is identical in functionality to the view helper.

###Import labels from .ini files

If you've got a set of labels you want to quickly import into TYPO3, you can do so from the CLI using a .ini file of the structure:

my.label.one = "First label"
my.label.two = "Second label with _marker"

You can then run:

$ cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase label:import </path/to/labels.ini> <storage_folder_uid>

This command will import all of the labels in the given file to the given Storage Folder. However, existing labels will not be overriden - only new labels will be imported.


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