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3ev Glossary TYPO3 Extension

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#TYPO3 Glossary Extension

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Define a glossary of words to be higlighted across your TYPO3 site.


$ composer require "3ev/tev_glossary"


The Glossary Extension requires jQuery and Bootstrap to be present on your site, as glossary entries will be highlighted using Bootstrap popovers.


Install the TYPO3 extension through the Extension Manager. You'll then be able to add glossary entries from the List View. You can add glossary entries to any storage folder or page - they will be found globally.

Once you've added your glossary entries, you'll need to add the glossary javascript file to any pages you want the glossary to highlight entries on. You can do this via Typoscript, Fluid or VHS. Here's an example using VHS:

<v:asset.script name="tev-glossary" path="EXT:tev_glossary/Resources/Public/js/tev-glossary.js" standalone="1" />

This file needs to be included after jQuery and the Boostrap javascript, ideally in your page footer.

There is also a provided Glossary Browser Plugin, which displays a list of all glossary terms, grouped by first letter. You can add this plugin to any page to display an index for your glossary. For more information on the markup generated by this plugin, see the Styling section.



Each highlighted glossary entry will be wrapped in a <span/> with a class of tev-glossary-highlight. Each popover uses the default Bootstrap markup, but is given an additional class of tev-glossary-popover. You can style these elements as you wish, no default styling is included.

###Browser plugin

The Glossary Browser Plugin generates the following markup:

<ul class="tev-glossary__key">
    <li class="tev-glossary__key__item">
        <span class="tev-glossary__key__item__content--nolink">A</span>

    <li class="tev-glossary__key__item tev-glossary__key__item--linked">
        <a href="#index-B" class="tev-glossary__key__item__content--link">B</a>

<ul class="tev-glossary__index">
    <li class="tev-glossary__index__group">
        <h2 id="index-B" class="tev-glossary__index__group__letter">B</h2>

        <dl class="tev-glossary__index__group__entries">
            <dt class="tev-glossary__index__group__entries__term">Example term</dt>
            <dd class="tev-glossary__index__group__entries__definition">Example definition</dd>

        <a href="#" class="tev-glossary__index__group__back-to-top">Back to top</a>

CSS classes are set for every element, so the markup is very easy to style.

###Overriding Templates

You can fully override any templates in this extension in the normal Extbase way, by adding the following Typoscript in your own extension:

plugin.tx_tevglossary {
    view {
        templateRootPaths {
            # The default index is 0, so use any index from 1 upwards

            1 = EXT:your_ext/Path/To/Template/Overrides/

You can do the same for partialRootPaths or layoutRootPaths too. Any templates added to the configured directories will be preferred over the default ones.


The following Typoscript constants are available for you to configure the plugin with:


1 by default. Enable glossary highlighting. You can use this to disable glossary highlighting on certain pages with Extension Templates.


p by default. The CSS selector used to search for text on the page to highlight.


top by default. The Bootstrap popover display position.


hover by default. The Bootstrap popover display trigger.


0 by default. Display definitions only on first occurrence of the glossary item in the page.


MIT © 3ev