Simple Command Bus

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NOTE: This library still under development (tests are not yet included). Use it at your own risk.

A very simple Command Bus to plug into your project. This library differs from other similar libraries like Tactician and SimpleBus not on its purpose but on the approach taken.

Bus has been inspired by both of those libraries but it moves away from the Command > CommandHandler terminology due to the function of a Command object. The object in other libraries work as a mere data object, and that IMO is what a Message should be, I understand Command should execute or process a Message, getting the data that requires to be executed from it. So, this library has the following characteristics:

  • It handles Message instances
  • Every Message is processed by exactly one Command
  • The library is extensible by strategies. Currently supporting ExecuteStrategy (simple locate and execute), and MiddlewareStrategy (supporting middleware pattern). New strategies can be easily implemented.
  • The behavior of the MiddlewareStrategy is also extensible. New middlewares can be added to the middleware strategy, so messages can be handled the way you wish. Middlewares do things before (see LockingMiddleware) and/or after (see LogginMiddleware) handling a command.


  • TODO

Clean code

We have added some development tools for you to contribute to the library with clean code:

  • PHP mess detector: Takes a given PHP source code base and look for several potential problems within that source.
  • PHP code sniffer: Tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.
  • PHP code fixer: Analyzes some PHP source code and tries to fix coding standards issues.

And you should use them in that order.

Using php mess detector

Sample with all options available:

 ./vendor/bin/phpmd ./src text codesize,unusedcode,naming,design,controversial,cleancode

Using code sniffer

 ./vendor/bin/phpcs -s --report=source --standard=PSR2 ./src

Using code fixer

We have added a PHP code fixer to standardize our code. It includes Symfony, PSR2 and some contributors rules.

./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer --config-file=.php_cs fix ./src


$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

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