PHP/Symfony based backend for personalized and localized 20steps Amazon Alexa Echo skill for developers, system administrators and marketers

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Last update: 2020-07-11 05:03:16 UTC


This is the certified backend of the personalized and localized "20steps" Alexa skill - the skill aims to support developers, system administrators and marketers

Publishing for Google Home is work in progress (cp. below).

Furthermore this project is a demonstration of the capabilities of the RAD platform Bricks by 20steps, availability and performance characterics of the Bricks Cloud and last but not least used to enhance my skillset during holidays.

Current capabilitites

Technical specs

  • Built using the RAD Bricks platform in 4 days, start to publish, without any prior knowledge of Alexa
  • Responsive and localized yet minimal Website using Pages brick to integrate Wordpress as CMS and Twig/Bootstrap for layouting
  • High performance and availability deployment at Bricks Cluster including HTTP/2, SSL offloader, CDN via keycdn, CentOS containers, Varnish layer, GlusterFS, HHVM+PHP7, mod_pagespeed, Redis, MariaDB Cluster etc. Service status available at monitoring.20steps.de


To setup on your MacOS X based workstation simple enter:

git clone https://github.com/20steps/alexa
cd alexa

Hint: enter password of your local account when asked for.


For Amazon Alexa:

  • First register at the 20steps Alexa Website.
  • Configure the skill by entering the API key of your UptimeRobot account etc.
  • Connect the previously registered account in the Alexa App on your smartphone.
  • Cp. About the Alexa skill for more infos.

For Google Assistant:

  • Ask for "20steps" and create / link account seamlessly
  • Configure the skill by entering the API key of your UptimeRobot account etc at https://alexa.20steps.de
  • Ask for "status"


  • Refactor / cleanup Google oAuth and Alexa oAuth account linking inkluding JWT/JWK verification etc. (wip)
  • Introduce speechlets in basic layer of Bricks abstracting away Amazon Alexa / Skills vs. Google Assistant / Actions (wip)
  • Refactor AbstractCustomBundle of Bricks platform to minimize glue code for user mgmt. (wip)
  • Rename everything to assistant.20steps.de (wip)
  • Publish for Google Assistant
  • Prepare Joblet for messages pushed to Alexa by assistantlets (wip)
  • A lot more capabilities that help developers, system administrators and marketers
  • Adapt for Echo Show as soon as it is available in Germany.
  • Automated tests and after that invite some developers to collaborate on speechlets for additional services.

Hints for fellow coders:


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p.s.: we are up for hire