Test code using acceptance tests and sharable, defined file and database snapshots.


WP Acceptance is a toolkit that empowers developers and CI pipelines to test codebases using version controlled acceptance tests and sharable environments.

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Note: WP Acceptance should be run on your HOST machine and not within Docker.

How It Works

There are many acceptance tests frameworks out there. They all have one major flaw - everyone executing the acceptance tests must be running the exact same code on the exact same database and environment to guarantee the same results. Ensuring a team of developers (and a CI pipeline) are all using the same database in the same environment has been nearly impossible until now. WP Acceptance is unique in that it allows you to run your acceptance tests against a codebase in defined and shareable environments. Read more in our announcement blog post.


Installation instructions are on the docs site.


Learn how to use WP Acceptance on the docs site.

Support Level

Beta: This project is quite new and we're not sure what our ongoing support level for this will be. Bug reports, feature requests, questions, and pull requests are welcome. If you like this project please let us know, but be cautious using this in a Production environment!

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