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Modest PHP class to manage OpenERP Json query.

Code maturity

Early working alpha. Comments welcome. Although it was tested against OpenERP version 6.1 and 7.0.


  • Simple way to add new json-rpc entry points
  • Quite easy to get started (see Usage section)
  • Ability to resume an open session (and thus login in openerp) with a saved session_id and HTTP cookie_id (without $login and $password)


sample PHP code:


require_once 'openerp.php';

$oe = new PhpOeJson\OpenERP("http://localhost:8069", "test_json");
$oe->login("admin", "xxxxxx");

echo "Logged in (session id: " . $oe->session_id . ")";

$partners = $oe->read(array(
  'model' => 'res.partner',
  'fields' => array('name', 'city'),

echo "<ul>";
foreach($partners['records'] as $partner) {
   echo "    <li>" . $partner["name"] . " - " . $partner["city"] . "</li>\n";
echo "</ul>";


This actual code (with small modifications) is provided in the example-project directory which is a composer-ready package (more about composer, how to get composer command). This means you can run composer install on the root of the example-project directory to install dependencies, and you'll only have to edit settings.php and set $url, $db and the $login, $password to test it with your installation.

Please note that this is a very thin layer above Tivoka which is a JSON-RPC PHP lib.