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Library to dispach request to controller

0.1.0 2018-08-13 02:00 UTC


Package to dispach request to controller. Uses FcPhp Di to find Controller instance.

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How to install


$ composer require 00f100/fcphp-dispach

or add in composer.json

    "require": {
        "00f100/fcphp-dispach": "*"

How to use

Configure Dependency Injection with FcPhp Di

use FcPhp\Di\Facades\DiFacade;
use FcPhp\Controller\Controller;

// Class example ...
class ExampleController extends Controller
    public function findAll($foo, $bar)
        return compact('foo', 'bar');
// Configure class into FcPhp Di
$di = DiFacade::getInstance();
$di->set('ExampleController', 'ExampleController');

Get instance and run Dispach

use FcPhp\Dispach\Facades\DispachFacade;
// Init Dispach
$instance = DispachFacade::getInstance();

    Return ExampleController->findAll('foo_value', 'bar_value'):
    Array (
        'foo' => 'foo_value',
        'bar' => 'bar_value'
print_r($instance->dispach('ExampleController@findAll', ['foo_value', 'bar_value']));