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Abstract class Controller to FcPhp

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Abstract class to Controller FcPhp

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How to install


$ composer require 00f100/fcphp-controller

or add in composer.json

    "require": {
        "00f100/fcphp-controller": "*"

How to use

Extends your controller from FcPhp Controller and add your services into Controller using contruct method. After call to service using "getService()" method.

namespace Example
    use FcPhp\Controller\Controller;

    class ExampleController extends Controller
        public function __construct($userService, $profileService, $addressService)
            $this->setService('user', $userService);
            $this->setService('profile', $profileService);
            $this->setService('address', $addressService);

        public function findUsers()
            return $this->getService('user')->findAll();

        public function findProfiles()
            return $this->getService('profile')->findAll();

        public function findAddresses()
            return $this->getService('address')->findAll();

Controller Callback

use Example\ExampleController;

$instance = new ExampleController(UserService(), ProfileService(), AddressService());

// Callback on find service using "getService()"...
$instance->callback('callbackService', function(string $service, $instance) {

    // Your code here...