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tomFlidr's packages

  • JavaScript


    MvcCore Application - Questionnaires & Statistics - more complex example how to build very portable app with questionnaires definitions in XML, any question types also defined in XML and answers and anonymous statistics stored and loaded from mysql/mssql database.

  • PHP


    MvcCore Example - CD collection - classic CRUD example with default SQLite database and authentication.

  • PHP


    MvcCore Example - Hello World - very simple application with possibility to pack into single PHP result file.

  • PHP


    MvcCore Example - Pig Latin Translator - translate English to Pig Latin -

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Auth - authentication module with automatic authentication module type detection by loaded classes.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Auth - Basic - simple authentication extension, only to signin/signout user. Extension can use credentials defined in system `config.ini` or in database. Possibility to extend user, signin/signout forms, submit controller and extension class itself.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Cache - register and use cache instances, cache interface.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Cache - Redis - Redis cache implementation extension.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Config - Cached - extension to use cached configuration files across multiple environments.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Control - extension to create, dispatch and render from base class \MvcCore\Ext\Control any web controls, widgets and navigations.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Debug - Tracy - adapter class for Nette Framework `tracy/tracy` library.

  • mvccore/ext-debug-tracy-all

    MvcCore - Extension - Debug - Tracy - All - adapter class for Nette Framework `tracy/tracy` library with all implemented debug panels for MvcCore.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Debug - Tracy - Panel Auth - render and add into tracy debug panel currently authenticated user from \MvcCore\Ext\Auth service singleton instance, printed by \Tracy\Dumper::toHtml(\MvcCore\Ext\Auth::GetInstance()->GetUser());.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Debug - Tracy - Panel MvcCore - render and add into tracy debug panel current MvcCore application instance, printed by \Tracy\Dumper::toHtml(\MvcCore\Application::GetInstance()); to display main application objects used to render current page response. Rendered objects inside MvcCore app: \MvcCore\Request, \MvcCore\Response, \MvcCore\Router, \MvcCore\Controller, all preroute, predispatch and postdispatch configured handlers and many other internal application values.

  • PHP


    MvcCore - Extension - Debug - Tracy - Panel Routing - render and add into tracy debug panel all configured routes in current MvcCore application router and to display currently matched route.