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  • PHP


    Library that abstracts Authorize.Net's JSON APIs. This includes the Advanced Integration Method (AIM), Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), Customer Information Manager (CIM), Transaction Reporting, Simple Integration Method (SIM), and Webhooks.

  • PHP


    The Email Validator library builds upon PHP's built in filter_var($emailAddress, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL); by adding a default MX record check. It also offers additional validation against disposable email addresses, free email address providers, and a custom banned domain list.

  • PHP


    A PHP library that makes using best practices with passwords easy by default

  • PHP


    The PHP Simple Encryption library is designed to simplify the process of encrypting and decrypting data while ensuring best practices are followed. By default is uses a secure encryption algorithm and generates a cryptologically strong initialization vector so developers do not need to becomes experts in encryption to securely store sensitive data.