sgalinski member since: Sep 24, 2016

sgalinski's packages

  • sgalinski/content-replacer

    You need a fast substitution of terms with full support of typoscript, categories and RTE integration? If yes, the extension could be perfectly fit into your project. The performance is gained by wrapping of the replacement terms to simplify the parsing process.

  • sgalinski/df-contentslide

    Collapsing and expanding of content elements with dynamic or static loading.

  • sgalinski/df-tabs

    Tabbed Content and Pages - Create tab based content elements and pages easily and flexible with configurable mouseover handling, animations and autoplay features! It requires jquery.

  • sgalinski/df-tools

    Contains some useful tools like a testing tool for redirects, a link checker, a back link checker and a content comparison tool between the same or different urls. Furthermore there is full scheduler support for all tests and synchronization tasks.

  • sgalinski/languagevisibility

    Language Visibility

  • sgalinski/lfeditor

    Language File Editor

  • sgalinski/scriptmerger

    CSS/Javascript Minificator, Compressor And Concatenator - This extension minimizes the http requests by concatenating your css and javascript. Furthermore the result can be minified and compressed. This whole process is highly configurable and is partly based on the "minify", "jsminplus" and "jsmin" projects.

  • sgalinski/sg-cloud-front

    sgalinski Amazon CloudFront - Implements the Amazon CloudFront Service for TYPO3

  • sgalinski/sg-contentlink

    sgalinski Contentlink - Possibility to set a link around a whole content element. (Include static template)

  • sgalinski/sg-cookie-optin

    This extensions adds a cookie optin for the frontend.

  • sgalinski/sg-routes

    URL Redirects and Page Not Found Handling

  • sgalinski/sgc-core

    sgalinski command line interface

  • sgalinski/spamshield

    Universal invisible Spamshield for TYPO3

  • sgalinski/tinymce

    TinyMCE sources including a small PHP API

  • sgalinski/tinymce4-rte

    RTE integration of TinyMCE for TYPO3.