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otgs-libraries's packages

  • PHP


    Auryn is a dependency injector for bootstrapping object-oriented PHP applications.

  • otgs/diff-checks

    Run static code analysis against the changed code (applicable) or files

  • otgs/icons

    Toolset and WPML icons

  • otgs/installer

    Installs and updates WPML and Toolset dependencies automatically

  • PHP


    A library for handling logs

  • PHP


    Set of tools related to WPML plugin bundle. Created with tendency to ease WPML compatibility testing process.

  • PHP


    A set of tools for helping writing PHPUnit tests

  • PHP


    A WP library for caching remote files

  • otgs/toolset-coding-standards

    A set of phpcs rules used in Toolset

  • otgs/ui

    UI library from OnTheGoSystems

  • PHP


    A framework to build unit tests with OTGS products

  • PHP


    Collect - Illuminate Collections as a separate package.

  • wpml/core-api

    Class and utilities to interface with WPML core functionality

  • wpml/st-api

    Class and utilities to interface with WordPress from WPML