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amal's packages

  • PHP


    AzaCliBase - Anizoptera CMF component with basic functionality and helper methods for CLI and Daemon applications (forks, libevent, etc..).

  • PHP


    AzaLibEvent - Simple, powerful and easy to use OOP wrapper for the LibEvent PHP bindings. Component from Anizoptera CMF.

  • PHP


    AzaMath - Anizoptera CMF mathematic component. Arbitrary precision arithmetic (for huge integers; BCMath wrapper) and universal convertor between positional numeral systems (supported bases from 2 to 62 inclusive, and systems with custom alphabet; pure PHP realisation, can use GMP and core PHP functions for speed optimization).

  • PHP


    AzaPhpGen - Anizoptera CMF PHP code generation (dump) component. Allows to dump complex arrays, objects, closures and basic data types as php code. In part, this can be called a some sort of serialization. You can customize your dumped php code as you wish.

  • PHP


    AzaSocket - Anizoptera CMF sockets abstraction component. Provides convenient universal API for using sockets in PHP (via sockets or stream extensions).

  • PHP


    AzaThread - Anizoptera CMF simple and powerful threads emulation component for PHP (based on forks).