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    Reading And Writing Binary Data (incl. primitive types, ex. byte, ubyte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, float, double). The classes also help with porting the I/O operations of the JAVA code.

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    PHP Enum implementation

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    Scrapes app data from Google Play store.

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    Guzzle-based HTTP Client with the ability to customize caching of the processed HTTP request results (not based on HTTP headers).

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    This Symfony Bundle provides request objects support for Symfony controller actions

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    PhpZip is a php-library for extended work with ZIP-archives. Open, create, update, delete, extract and get info tool. Supports appending to existing ZIP files, WinZip AES encryption, Traditional PKWARE Encryption, ZipAlign tool, BZIP2 compression, external file attributes and ZIP64 extensions. Alternative ZipArchive. It does not require php-zip extension.