Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices. It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment.

  • PHP


    UserAgent parsing done right http://useragent.mkf.solutions/

  • PHP


    Lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices

  • C#


    Since 2008, MobileESP provides web site developers an easy-to-use and lightweight API for detecting whether visitors are using a mobile device, and if so, what kind. The APIs provide simple boolean results ('true' or 'false') for identifying individual device categories (such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile), device capabilities (e.g., J2ME), and broad classes of devices, such as 'iPhone Tier' (iPhone/Android/Tizen) or 'Tablet Tier.' APIs are available in PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, Ruby Python, and more.

  • PHP


    Symfony Raindrop Mobile Detect Bundle