• zenify/ci

    Bash scripts for Travis CI.

  • zenify/coding-standard

    Set of rules for PHP_CodeSniffer preferring tabs and based on Nette coding standard.

  • nette/mail

    Nette Mail: Sending E-mails

  • zenify/doctrine-behaviors

    Port of KnpLabs/DoctrineBehaviors to Nette

  • zenify/flash-message-component

    Flash message component for Nette

  • zenify/doctrine-migrations

    Implementation of Doctrine Migrations to Nette

  • zetacomponents/mail

    The component allows you construct and/or parse Mail messages conforming to the mail standard. It has support for attachments, multipart messages and HTML mail. It also interfaces with SMTP to send mail or IMAP, POP3 or mbox to retrieve e-mail.

  • slm/mail

    Integration of various email service providers in the Zend Framework Zend\Mail

  • zenify/doctrine-fixtures

    Doctrine Fixtures, Faker and Alice integration into Nette

  • pear/mail

    More info available on: http://pear.php.net/package/Mail

  • zendframework/zend-mail

    provides generalized functionality to compose and send both text and MIME-compliant multipart e-mail messages

  • illuminate/mail

    The Illuminate Mail package.

  • soflomo/mail

    Module to to ease the use of sending e-mail messages in Zend Framework 2

  • snowfire/mail

    Adds postmark as an additional email driver in Laravel

  • bitweb/mail

    BitWeb extension for sending emails.