• vihuvac/recaptcha-bundle

    This bundle provides easy reCAPTCHA form field integration

  • sonata-project/media-bundle

    Symfony SonataMediaBundle

  • symfony-cmf/media-bundle

    Symfony CMF Media Bundle

  • kunstmaan/media-bundle

    To build your perfect website you probably need images, video's or maybe even a presentation too. The Kunstmaan Media Bundle handles all those media assets and centralizes them so you can find your content just the way you like it: fast and efficiently. No central asset management module is useful without some pretty advanced image editing functionality. To provide this we have integrated the Aviary image editing service right from the interface.

  • kunstmaan/media-pagepart-bundle

    The KunstmaanMediaPagePartBundle is a pagepart that can be used on the KunstmaanPagePartBundle. It is a separate bundle to prevent a tight coupling between the KunstmaanPagePartBundle and the KunstmaanMediaBundle.

  • eo/media-bundle

    Symfony EoMediaBundle

  • vlabs/media-bundle

    Form, database and filesystem abstraction for files

  • wanadev/mce-media-bundle

    This bundle handles the integration of File Manager and Image Manager plugins inside TinyMCE

  • bigfoot/media-bundle

    Bigfoot media bundle

  • presta/cms-media-bundle

    PrestaCMS Media bundle : Add media blocks to PrestaCMS

  • ano/media-bundle

    Anonymation media bundle

  • ac/media-info-bundle

    Provides a wrapper for the mediainfo command line utility.

  • thrace-project/media-bundle

    The `ThraceMediaBundle` handles file, video, audio and image upload plus some image manipulations.

  • rmzamora/media-bundle

    Symfony SonataMediaBundle rmzamora fork

  • zenstruck/media-bundle

    Provides a simple media/file management GUI for Symfony2