• vihuvac/recaptcha-bundle

    This bundle provides easy reCAPTCHA form field integration

  • doctrine/doctrine-cache-bundle

    Symfony2 Bundle for Doctrine Cache

  • sonata-project/cache-bundle

    This bundle provides caching services

  • liip/doctrine-cache-bundle

    This Bundle provides integration into Symfony2 with the Doctrine Common Cache layer.

  • liip/cache-control-bundle

    This Bundle provides a way to set path based cache expiration headers via the app configuration and provides a helper to control the reverse proxy varnish.

  • aequasi/cache-bundle

    Creates services in Symfony 2, for cache, that can also be used with doctrines three cache types (metadata, result, and query). It also provides functionality for session handler support, and Router support.

  • doctrine/cache

    Caching library offering an object-oriented API for many cache backends

  • winzou/cache-bundle

    This bundle provides a simple cache management to Symfony2. Now you can use a cache system without reinventing it. It supports Apc, XCache, File, ZendData and Array..

  • socloz/knp-zend-cache-bundle

    Integrates Zend Cache framework into Symfony2.

  • zenstruck/cache-bundle

    Provides a httpcache warmup command for Symfony2

  • fm/cache-bundle

    Symfony2 bundle that provides a ORM caching layer for entities

  • rmzamora/cache-bundle

    Fork of SonataCacheBundle

  • phy/cache-bundle

    Cache Bundle for Symfony2 that supports APC, Memcache, Memcached, Local, and Disk storage.

  • kitpages/simple-cache-bundle

    Very simple cache system for symfony2. The cache data are saved in one table in database.

  • fourcoders/cache-clear-bundle

    This bundle give you a correct clean cache in your symfony 2 proyect. Only for unix systems.