• laravel/framework

    The Laravel Framework.

  • sensio/framework-extra-bundle

    This bundle provides a way to configure your controllers with annotations

  • symfony/framework-standard-edition

    The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution

  • symfony/framework-bundle

    Symfony FrameworkBundle

  • silverstripe/framework

    The SilverStripe framework

  • symfony/symfony

    The Symfony PHP framework

  • guzzle/guzzle

    Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library and framework for building RESTful web service clients

  • phpunit/phpunit

    The PHP Unit Testing framework.

  • zendframework/zendframework

    Zend Framework 2

  • laravel/laravel

    The Laravel Framework.

  • behat/mink

    Web acceptance testing framework for PHP 5.3

  • behat/mink-browserkit-driver

    Symfony2 BrowserKit driver for Mink framework

  • behat/behat

    Scenario-oriented BDD framework for PHP 5.3

  • mockery/mockery

    Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework for use in unit testing with PHPUnit, PHPSpec or any other testing framework. Its core goal is to offer a test double framework with a succint API capable of clearly defining all possible object operations and interactions using a human readable Domain Specific Language (DSL). Designed as a drop in alternative to PHPUnit's phpunit-mock-objects library, Mockery is easy to integrate with PHPUnit and can operate alongside phpunit-mock-objects without the World ending.

  • behat/mink-selenium2-driver

    Selenium2 (WebDriver) driver for Mink framework