• titon/model

    The Titon model package provides an active record style approach to database CRUD functionality.

  • titon/utility

    The Titon utility package provides convenience classes for basic tasks like validation, formatting, sanitization and more.

  • titon/common

    The Titon common package provides global functionality like class traits and augmentation as well as dependency and configuration management.

  • titon/test

    The Titon test package provides classes and fixtures used for test cases. This should not be used in production.

  • titon/event

    The Titon event package provides functionality for notifying a list of objects during an event.

  • titon/cache

    The Titon cache package provides a data caching layer that supports multiple storage engines.

  • titon/http

    The Titon HTTP package provides classes for interacting with sessions, cookies and the request and response.

  • titon/view

    The Titon view package provides template handling with the use of a rendering engine and helpers.

  • titon/io

    The Titon IO package provides classes that handle file manipulation and resource bundling.

  • titon/type

    The Titon type package provides class like structure and advanced functionality for arrays, strings, collections and enums.

  • titon/db

    The Titon database package provides a basic database abstraction layer and an object relational mapper.

  • commonapi/model

    Common Model Api Interface

  • orchestra/model

    Orchestra Platform 2 Model Component

  • mattandrews/model

    A PHP port of @wilsonpage's Model

  • nette/component-model

    Nette Component Model