• fieg/bayes

    Implementation of Naive Bayes Classifier algorithm in PHP.

  • camspiers/statistical-classifier

    A PHP implementation of Complement Naive Bayes and SVM statistical classifiers, including a structure for building other classifier, multiple data sources and multiple caching backends

  • phpunit/php-text-template

    Simple template engine.

  • nesbot/carbon

    A simple API extension for DateTime.

  • silverstripe-themes/simple

    The SilverStripe simple theme (default SilverStripe 3 theme)

  • pimple/pimple

    Pimple is a simple Dependency Injection Container for PHP 5.3

  • fabpot/goutte

    A simple PHP Web Scraper

  • mockery/mockery

    Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework for use in unit testing with PHPUnit, PHPSpec or any other testing framework. Its core goal is to offer a test double framework with a succint API capable of clearly defining all possible object operations and interactions using a human readable Domain Specific Language (DSL). Designed as a drop in alternative to PHPUnit's phpunit-mock-objects library, Mockery is easy to integrate with PHPUnit and can operate alongside phpunit-mock-objects without the World ending.

  • nanapi/cakephp-fluent-logger

    Fluent log engine plugin for CakePHP

  • symfony-cmf/simple-cms-bundle

    A simple CMS bundle based on the Symfony CMF

  • sunra/php-simple-html-dom-parser

    Composer adaptation of: A HTML DOM parser written in PHP5+ let you manipulate HTML in a very easy way! Require PHP 5+. Supports invalid HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery. Extract contents from HTML in a single line.

  • ideup/simple-paginator-bundle

    Symfony 2 paginator bundle.

  • jojari/simple-linkedin-php

    A simple, stand-alone wrapper for the most-used functionality of the LinkedIn API platform

  • evenement/evenement

    Événement is a very simple event dispatching library for PHP

  • sebastian/git

    Simple wrapper for Git