• loadsys/cakephp-basic-seed

    CakePHP Basic Seed shell

  • orangehill/iseed

    Generate a new Laravel database seed file based on data from the existing database table.

  • anahkiasen/fakable

    Abandoned! Use: thephpleague/factory-muffin

    Allows the creation and seeding of fake Eloquent models

  • nwidart/db-exporter

    Export your database quickly and easily as a Laravel Migration and all the data as a Seeder class.

  • indatus/guardian

    Allows you to protect more than just the production environment from potentially destructive tasks

  • codesleeve/fixture-l4

    A simple, easy to use fixture library for Laravel 4

  • socialengine/setup-test-db

    Get efficient with seeding your database for tests in Laravel

  • flynsarmy/csv-seeder

    Allows seeding of the database with CSV files

  • skovachev/fakefactory

    A model factory package for Laravel 4 with expressive API for creating custom tailored dummy objects

  • unclecheese/mock-dataobjects

    Allows DataObjects to self-populate intelligently using fake data

  • laravel/database

    Get Laravel 4.2.x database for your non laravel projects. Built on top of illuminate/database to provide migration, seeding and artisan support

  • jlapp/smart-seeder

    Smart Seeder adds the same methology to seeding that is currently used with migrations in order to let you seed in batches, seed to production databases or other environments, and to rerun seeds without wiping out your data.

  • welderlourenco/laravel-seeder

    Run your seeder files without touching your DatabaseSeeder.php file.

  • kisma/kisma-seeds

    Kisma Library Add-ons

  • edrands/laravel-seeder

    The Enhanced Laravel Project Seeder gets new Laravel projects up-and-running fast. Features self-contained testing (no pear or global testing package required).