Jig PHP Utilities

  • intahwebz/utils

    Collection of utility PHP classes for intahwebz development.

  • intahwebz/flickrguzzle

    A Flickr wrapper to allow you to call the Flickr api with Guzzle as the backend. Goal is to have 100% Flickr api coverage rather than just upload/display photos (currently at 23%).

  • draber/jig

    Jig PHP Utilities

  • PHP


    Generates config files from PHP based config files and PHP and JSON data files.

  • intahwebz/mb_extra

    A collection of PHP multi-byte string functions that are not present in the mb_string extension.

  • intahwebz/core

    Core library that defines common interfaces used by the rest of the intahwebz..

  • intahwebz/lowmemoryclassloader

    A PHP class loader that uses a minimal amount of memory.

  • intahwebz/form

    Form library for the intahwebz.

  • intahwebz/db

    Library for using a database as a database - not ORM, just straight DB abstraction.

  • PHP


    An experiment in compositional programming.

  • PHP


    Lightweight, fast, flexible PHP templating system that uses real dependency injection.