• patchwork/utf8

    Portable and performant UTF-8, Unicode and Grapheme Clusters for PHP

  • voku/portable-utf8

    Portable UTF-8 library with polyfill / shim for Iconv, Intl, Mbstring, Normalizrer etc.

  • kartik-v/yii2-mpdf

    A Yii2 wrapper component for the mPDF library which generates PDF files from UTF-8 encoded HTML.

  • mbilbille/jpnforphp

    A tiny PHP lib which provides nice functions & wrappers to interact with Japanese language.

  • silverstripe-australia/silverstripe-cleancontent

    Provides some user-configurable settings for whether content is 'cleaned'.

  • intahwebz/mb_extra

    A collection of PHP multi-byte string functions that are not present in the mb_string extension.

  • broobe/yii2-dompdf

    A Yii2 wrapper component for the dompdf library which generates PDF files from UTF-8 encoded HTML.

  • lastguest/pixeler

    CLI Image renderer

  • takyam/mb-util

    Utility for multibyte strings of UTF-8

  • heartsentwined/utf8

    A collection of utf8-related functions

  • serverdensity/mendedstring

    Library for detecting unicode strings with single byte encoded UTF8 characters in them

  • straube/utf8-encoding

    Abandoned! Use: https://github.com/neitanod/forceutf8

    PHP class to convert strings to or from UTF-8.

  • ironer/base62shrink

    Simple javascript to perform LZW compression on longer structured or repetitive UTF8 data (like stringified JSON) to some universally web safe form. Simple PHP class for server side data processing.

  • m8rge/alternative-mail

    Simple class for utf8 html/text emails with small attachments

  • corpsee/php-utf-8

    A library for UTF-8 in PHP providing UTF-8 aware functions to mirror PHP's own string functions. The library doesn't require PHP mbstring extension although, if found, it will use it to gain performance.