• latte/latte

    Latte: the amazing template engine for PHP

  • nextras/latte-macros

    Latte macros for Nette Framework.

  • h4kuna/gettext-latte

    Gettext translator for Latte template

  • minetro/latte-email

    Latte email helper to protect your email addresses.

  • mkoubik/latte-bundle

  • composer/installers

    A multi-framework Composer library installer

  • nette/nette

    Nette Framework - innovative framework for fast and easy development of secured web applications in PHP. Write less, have cleaner code and your work will bring you joy.

  • nette/sandbox

    The sandbox is a pre-packaged Nette Framework project, basic configured structure for your application.

  • kollarovic/thumbnail

    Generating image thumbnails

  • OndrejBrejla/Eciovni

    Component for generating invoices using Nette Framework and mPDF library.

  • eric-chau/installers

    A multi-framework Composer library installer

  • mikulas/lattecs

    Coding standard validator for Latte templates

  • foowie/permission-checker

    Access permission check & latte macros

  • om/vestibulum

    Vestibulum is deathly simple, ultra fast, flat file (Markdown, HTML) CMS. Fully customizable with Latte templates

  • mike227/n-assetic

    Adds support for kriswallsmith/assetic to Nette Framework. Assets are defined in config file and can be used in Latte templates.