AssociationsDebugger plugin for CakePHP

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AssociationsDebugger is a simple plugin that is made for debugging associations. The point of this plugin is to quickly show different associations of your CakePHP application without you needing to browse through the model files.


  • CakePHP 3.x
  • PHP 7.2 >

Installing Using Composer

cd to the root of your app folder (where the composer.json file is) and run the following command:

composer require zunnu/associations-debugger

Then load the plugin by using CakePHP's console:

./bin/cake plugin load AssociationsDebugger


You can see the tree by going to http://app-address/associations-debugger Here you can filter by association type. Tree

This same tree can be also viewed in the CakePHP debugKit. DebugKit tree

Association structure is explained here: Structure


Licensed under The MIT License.