Library to help interaction with Nuance Speech Recognition services

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Last update: 2024-07-15 14:32:38 UTC


Admin aggregator module for Zucchi ZF2 Modules.

This is a jump off module for other ZF2 Modules to hook into to provide a web interface for administration


From the root of your ZF2 Skeleton Application run

./composer.phar require zucchi/admin 

This module will require your vhost to use an AliasMatch in order to load public assets

AliasMatch /_([^/]+)/(.+)/([^/]+) /path/to/vendor/$2/public/$1/$3


  • Dashboard - Simple Dashboard (under construction)
  • Controller - Some simple Controller Abstracts for Admin
  • CRUD
    • Event - an event triggered by crud actions
    • Trait - A trait that can be use dto provide instant crud functionality for simple entities
    • View Helpers - Some helpers that help build the CRUD interface
  • Event Listener - Registers Admin specific listeners
  • Navigation - An Admin specific Navigation Factory
  • Layout - A ready made admin layout
  • Routes - A ready made routing structure for you to extend