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This app depends on Slim Framwork3 Skeleton with the integration of Parse Server SDK for PHP.

This skeleton application was built for Composer. This makes setting up a new Slim Framework application quick and easy.

All parse server SDK Objects will be used as DI for Slim App So you will use it fast and Easy

Install the Application via composer

composer create-project zteam/slim-parse-sdk [app name ].

Change app-name with your project name

config Parse server

To confing your Parse server you must add parse server configration in settings file

$app_id='You-App-ID'; // The ID of the the parse app

$master_key='MasterKey'; //The Master Key of the app

$Server_URL='Server URL'; //Server URL of the parse Server

Then you can use parse server in ypur project like this

new_object= new $this->ParseObject('class_name');

new_Query= new $this->ParseQuery('class_name');

To run the application in development, you can also run this command.

 composer  start

Run this command to run the test suite

 composer test

That's it! Now go build something cool.