Solution for almost 12 years old Stack Overflow question I returned many times to, is finally packed and ready to require!

v1.0.0 2020-09-17 20:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-07 12:53:56 UTC


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This class was created because of this Stack Overflow question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/254514/php-and-enumerations

Many times I was googling for Brian Cline's answer. And as many times I copied it, that many times I was extending it for my needs.

But not again.

I have rewritten and extended the class, and the result is this package!


composer require zrnik/enum

Change Log

  • 1.0.0 - Re-Namespace Release (from zrny/enum)


Create Enum Class

use Zrnik\Base\Enum;
class DayOfWeek extends Enum
    const Sunday = 0;
    const Monday = 1;
    const Tuesday = 2;
    const Wednesday = 3;
    const Thursday = 4;
    const Friday = 5;
    const Saturday = 6;



if($this->Stardate->DayOfWeek === DayOfWeek::Monday)
    $this->spaceTime = new SpaceTime();
     //TODO: Decide if light will be particle or wave
    $this->spaceTime->addComponent(new Light());


foreach(DayOfWeek::getValues() as $value)
    echo 'It\'s '.DayOfWeek::getName($value).' and im still lazy. '.PHP_EOL;
foreach(DayOfWeek::getNames() as $name)
    echo 'It\'s '.$name.' and im'.(DayOfWeek::getValue($name) === DayOfWeek::Monday ? ' ':' still ').'lazy. '.PHP_EOL;


if(DayOfWeek::getValue("Monday") === DayOfWeek::Monday) {
    // true

if(DayOfWeek::getValue("monday") === DayOfWeek::Monday) {
     // Invalid Argument Exception

if(DayOfWeek::getValue("monday", false) === DayOfWeek::Monday) {
    // true, case sensitivity disabled

if(DayOfWeek::getValue("monday ", false) === DayOfWeek::Monday) {
    // true, not case sensitive AND it gets trimmed automatically


\Zrnik\Base\Enum::getName(mixed $Value) : array

Gets constant name by the value.

\Zrnik\Base\Enum::getValue(string $Name[, bool $caseSensitive = true]) : mixed

Gets value of a constant by its name. Case sensitivity is modified by second argument.

\Zrnik\Base\Enum::isValidName(string $Name[, bool $caseSensitive = true]) : bool

Checks if the name is present in the Enum. Case sensitivity is modified by second argument.

\Zrnik\Base\Enum::isValidValue(string $Value) : bool

Checks if the value is present in the Enum.

\Zrnik\Base\Enum::toArray([$caseSensitive = true]) : array

Returns an associative array with all the constants.

\Zrnik\Base\Enum::getNames([$caseSensitive = true]) : array

Returns a list with all names defined in an enum.

\Zrnik\Base\Enum::getValues() : array

Returns an array with all the values defined in an enum.