An alternative to the standard composer autoloader

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The composer autoloader is quite good, and quite fast when used with composer.phar dump-autoload --optimize. However, the --optimize option maps every single class in your dependency tree. If you are a using a framework such as zf2 or symfony, that can mean 3000+ of classes. Chances are that your app is only using a small fraction of those. Slipstream will rewrite the classmap in production to include only the classes you need, meaning faster page load times.


Install the module using Composer into your application's vendor directory. Add the following line to your composer.json.

    "require": {
        "zoopcommerce/slipstream": "~0.1"


Your vendor/composer/ directory must be writable.

Where your code previously called the composer autoloader with:

$loader = include vendor/autoload.php;

Replace with:

$loader = include vendor/zoopcommerce/slipstream/autoload.php;

That's it!