Rapyd Module Installer, to move remote rapyd-livewire modules in your application Modules folder

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0.1.0 2024-03-03 10:55 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-03 11:12:36 UTC


The purpose of this package is to allow for easy installation of standalone Modules (public or private) into a Laravel application that is powered by Rapyd Livewire package. This package will ensure that your module is installed into the Modules/ directory instead of vendor/ to make each module you need automatically part of your project

The "update" and "remove" logic of modules installed via composer by this installer is deliberately not implemented. For example "composer install myvendor@mymodule-module" will download the module and install it in your Module directory.

But "composer remove myvendor@mymodule-module" will not delete the module folder and your changes from your project


  1. Ensure you have the type set to rapyd-module in your module's composer.json
  2. Ensure your package is named in the convention <namespace>/<name>-module, for example zofe/demo-module would install into app/Modules/Demo
  3. Require this package: composer require zofe/rapyd-module-installer
  4. Require your bespoke module using Composer. You may want to set the constraint to dev-master to ensure you always get the latest version.


Public available modules

zofe/demo-module rapyd demo