knowledgebase module for rapyd-livewire application

0.1.3 2023-03-03 09:57 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-30 00:33:03 UTC


This is a knowledge-base module for a Laravel application (>= 8).

Installation & configuration

composer require zofe/knowledgebase-module

php artisan migrate 
php artisan db:seed --class="App\\Modules\\Knowledgebase\\Database\\Seeders\\KnowledgeBaseSeeder"

Note knowledge-base module use layout-module you may need to do:

cd app/Modules/Layout/

npm i
npm run dev

this will compile scss and copy css assets to your public project folder


This module will be created in /app/Modules/Knowledgebase folder, then a demo will be enabled in /kb route