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Copyright 2009 - 2011, Markus Hedlund, Mimmin AB, www.mimmin.com Licensed under the MIT License. Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.

Additional contributors

  • Jeff Downie
  • August Trometer
  • Hristo Deshev
  • jeffreyhunter77
  • John Beales
  • Geoff Wagstaff
  • beaudesigns
  • Gabriel Bull


All in-data must be encoded with UTF-8.

Getting started

// Create a "server" in your "rack", then copy it's API key
$postmarkApiKey = 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx';
// Create a message and send it
    ->from('john@smith.com', 'John Smith')
    ->addTo('jane@smith.com', 'Jane Smith')
    ->messagePlain('Plaintext message')


There are two ways of configuration.


An adapter class should be used for a more dynamic configuration. The adapter must implement Postmark\MailAdapterInterface. These are the methods that must be implemented.

  • getApiKey - Should return the API key
  • setupDefaults(Postmark\Mail &$mail) - May be used to setup a default email, e.g. set From address.
  • log($logData) - Is called immediately after the email is sent. $logdata is an array with keys messageData, return, curlError and httpCode.

See Tests/Adapter.php for example usage.


	->from('address@example.com', 'Name')
	->addTo('address@example.com', 'Name')
	->messagePlain('Plaintext message')


$email = new Postmark\Mail($postmarkApiKey);
$email->from('address@example.com', 'Name')
	->addTo('address@example.com', 'Name')
	->messagePlain('Plaintext message')

Error handling

See PHPDOC for details on Exceptions thrown. If no API key is set, an E_USER_ERROR will be raised.


Call method debug(Postmark\Mail::DEBUG_VERBOSE) or debug(Postmark\Mail::DEBUG_RETURN) to enable debug mode. DEBUG_VERBOSE prints debug info and DEBUG_RETURN makes send() return debug info as an array.

Unit tests

Unit tests are located in Tests/. Simple test is the unit test framework being used.

Adapter.php runs all tests relevant for adapter configuration.

E-mail address validation

This class uses a regular expression to validate e-mail addresses, in addition to the validation Postmark does. This regex isn't perfect. If you need more extensive validation, please try http://www.dominicsayers.com/isemail/.