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A PHP textual expression parser, parses strings for mathematical expressions and returns the result

dev-master 2013-12-17 01:37 UTC

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A PHP expression parser. This tool was largely inspired by snips of code I came across on the web while looking for some form of an expression DSL. The approach inspired me enough to feel it deserved sharing. Unfortunately these snippets had no name associated with them and I am therefor unable to attribute the inspirative work to its inceptor.


Inline PHP

$expression = new \Expressive\Parser('(2+2)*sqrt(4)');
echo $expression;
// 8


this is intended more as an example use

> bin/expr

math > (2+2)*sqrt(4)
math > exit

Supported Operations:

  • + addition 2+2
  • - substraction 4-2
  • / division 4/2
  • * multiplication 2*2
  • ^ exponential 2^2
  • sin sine sin(60)
  • cos cosine cos(90)
  • tan tangent tan(45)
  • sqrt square root sqrt(4)
  • exp exponent exp(12)

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