A PHP/Redis Bloom filter experiment

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This project has morphed from an attempt of 'pure' php bloom filters to a tool that employs Redis and Rediska as a storage and interface for a distributed Bloom Filter.

By utilizing the power of redis' SETBIT and GETBIT we are able to create a simple, powerful and lightweight bloomfilter. The ability of redis to create a BITSET that is practically endless in size 512MB the index limitations afforded us is huge. PHP_INT_MAX serves well as a line in the sand in this early stage of testing and research. This potentially results in a 3% false positive rate for 10b values given sufficient number of hashing buckets. (I am performing more on these numbers before I get overly confident on these findings.)

Read Times on Benchmarks: 0.0011499519820647/s with three key hashing using a word list of 27607 unique strings.

Add Times on benchmark tests: 0.0036964981654479/s with three key hashing using a word list of 27607 unique strings.

use Bloom\Filter,

/* Create the Filter */
$filter = new Filter();
/* Inject Rediska */
$filter->setRediska(new Rediska());
/* Inject the Hash Class */
    $filter->setHash(new Murmur());
} else {
    $filter->setHash(new HashMix());

/* Add items to the filter */
$filter->add('some random text');
$filter->add(array('or add','an array of elements'));

/* Check the filter */
var_dump($filter->contains('some random text'));
// bool(true)

var_dump($filter->contains('or add'));
// bool(true)

var_dump($filter->contains('This is not in the filter'));
// bool(false)

var_dump($filter->contains(array('or add','an array of elements')));
// bool(true)

var_dump($filter->contains(array('NO','or add','an array of elements')));
// bool(false)

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