This library is a PHP implementation of the AMQP protocol.

1.0.3 2013-05-20 18:45 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-06 13:19:13 UTC



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`git clone git://github.com/zircote/AMQP.git`


  "require": [
    "zircote/amqp": "master-dev"

composer install


host is defined by passing a URN string as first connection parameter:


connection options are passed as the second parameter of the connection:


$amqp = 'amqp://user:pass@hostname:port/vhost';

// Options Options Array
$options = array(
    'insist' => false,
    'login_method' => \AMQP\Connection::AMQP_AUTH_PLAIN,
    'login_response' => null,
    'locale' => 'en_US',
    'connection_timeout' => 3,
    'read_write_timeout' => 3,
    'context' => null,
    'ssl_options' => array()
$connection = new \AMQP\Connection($amqp, $options);

With RabbitMQ running open two Terminals and on the first one execute the following commands to start the consumer:

$ cd php-amqplib/demo
$ php amqp_consumer.php

Then on the other Terminal do:

$ cd php-amqplib/demo
$ php amqp_publisher.php some text to publish

You should see the message arriving to the process on the other Terminal

Then to stop the consumer, send to it the quit message:

$ php amqp_publisher.php quit

If you need to listen to the sockets used to connect to RabbitMQ then see the example in the non blocking consumer.

$ php amqp_consumer_non_blocking.php

More Examples

  • amqp_ha_consumer.php: demoes the use of mirrored queues
  • amqp_consumer_exclusive.php and amqp_publisher_exclusive.php: demoes fanout exchanges using exclusive queues.
  • amqp_consumer_fanout_{1,2}.php and amqp_publisher_fanout.php: demoes fanout exchanges with named queues.
  • basic_get.php: demoes obtaining messages from the queues by using the basic get AMQP call.

Loading Classes

$ ant setup

Place the following in your bootstrap once composer has been installed in the project:


require_once(dirname(__DIR__) . '/vendor/autoload.php');


If you want to know what's going on at a protocol level then add the following constant to your code:

define('AMQP_DEBUG', true);

... more code



To run the publishing/consume benchmark type:

$ ant benchmark


Once your environment is set up you can run your tests like this:

$ ant build


This project is a work in progress and derived from work begun by php-amqplib. It attempts to achieve a cleaner, more friendly use-case by updating the API, documentation and php 5.3 compatibility. Because there was no desire to perform these changes in the related projects due to outdating books and publication, it was my deciscion to fork and begin this work.

For more information on its history please see this project.