A bundle providing a tight Symfony2 and Twig integration aiming to support multiple QRCode libraries.

0.1 2013-10-10 11:03 UTC


This bundle aims for an easy Symfony2 and Twig integration for QRCodes. It allows for multiple qr-implementations and different storage-solutions to store qr-code-configuration between requests.

Current state

While most of the groundwork is done, the library is in pre-alpha state. There is only 1 renderer implementation (for endroid/qrcode) and only a session-storage. Also tests and documentation are insufficient or even missing.

But it works in this specific configuration


Assuming $container is the Symfony2 DIC:

use Zikarsky\Bundle\QRCodeBundle as QR;

$qrcodeService = $container->get('zikarsky_qrcode.service');
$qrCode = new QR\QRCode('Test');

/** @var $renderedQRCode QR\RenderedQRCode */
$renderedQRCode = $qrCodeService->render($qrCode);

Or in a twig template:

<img src="{{ qrcode("test", 150, "medium") }}" />