Zend Framework 2 module for using ZfrStripe

v5.0.0 2018-01-04 10:00 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-29 02:58:14 UTC


ZfrStripeModule is a Zend Framework 2 module that integrates with ZfrStripe.


For zend-servicemanager 2 use version 4.0

For zend-servicemanager 3 and above use version 5.0


To install ZfrStripeModule, use composer:

$ composer require zfr/zfr-stripe-module ^5.0

Enable ZfrStripeModule in your application.config.php, then copy the file vendor/zfr/zfr-stripe-module/config/zfr_stripe.local.php.dist to the config/autoload directory of your application (don't forget to remove the .dist extension from the file name!).


If you use zf-component-installer, that plugin will install ZfrStripeModule as a module for you.


This module registers the ZfrStripe client in your application's service manager. You can get it by requesting the service ZfrStripe\Client\StripeClient:

$stripeClient = $serviceManager->get('ZfrStripe\Client\ZfrStripeClient');

For more information on the usage of ZfrStripe, please refer to its documentation.