There is no license information available for the latest version (1.02) of this package.

Simple implementation of ZF2 flash messengers using bootstrap. Contains easy helpers that will save you a LOT of time.

1.02 2013-11-10 09:23 UTC


A simple module that makes flash messengers as simple as they are in CakePHP. And the best part is it generates beautifully formatted Bootstrap alerts!


  1. Add the following requirement to your projects composer.json file.

Within the "require" section:

"zf-hipsters/bootstrap-flash-messenger": ">=1.0"
  1. Open up your command line and run
php ./composer.phar update
  1. Add 'FlashMessenger' to your /config/application.config.php modules

Controller Plugin Examples

Simple success (this is the default namespace)

$this->fm('You have been logged in.');
return $this->redirect()->toRoute('dashboard');


$this->fm('Your username and/or password were incorrect.', 'error');
return $this->redirect()->toRoute('authorize/login');


$this->fm('Something cool happened!', 'info');
return $this->redirect()->toRoute('home');


$this->fm('Careful! Something bad could happen!', 'warning');
return $this->redirect()->toRoute('dashboard');

View Helper Example

Default usage


Custom Namespace(s)

<?=$this->fm(array('mynamespace1', 'mynamespace2'))?>

Customising templates

Customising templates and changing the titles is super easy! Ensure that FlashMessenger is somewhere at the top of your list in application.config.php Now, copy the vendor/zf-hipsters/bootstrap-flash-messenger/view/flash-messenger folder to your eg module/application/view folder.

That's it, customise to your hearts content and they will overload the default files!