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Play audio URLs

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v0.1.4-beta.8 2018-12-21 18:44 UTC


A simple beta 8+ compatible Flarum extension which turns an audio URL into a clickable / playable link. Brought to you by SoundManager2, a popular JavaScript audio library.


composer require zerosonesfun/flarum-ext-sm2


composer update zerosonesfun/flarum-ext-sm2
php flarum cache:clear

Also, clear your browser cache and cookies. Also, clear things like your cloudflare cache if you are using a service like that. Basically, clear everything after an upgrade.


Simply paste your audio URL into a post. Or, create a normal link to the audio file using any Flarum compatible BBcode or Markdown.

Now go forth and spread music across your Flarums. Go! Now!

Created with stress and love by Bungalow Billy aka 010101 aka zerosonesfun.

To do

  1. Ensure player loads without having to refresh the page (gosh darn it Flarum). Done! :D

  2. Make the player prettier.