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Play audio URLs

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v0.1.4-beta.8 2018-12-21 18:44 UTC


A simple beta 8+ compatible Flarum extension which turns an audio URL into a clickable / playable link. Brought to you by SoundManager2, a popular JavaScript audio library.


composer require zerosonesfun/flarum-ext-sm2


composer update zerosonesfun/flarum-ext-sm2
php flarum cache:clear

Also, clear your browser cache and cookies. Also, clear things like your cloudflare cache if you are using a service like that. Basically, clear everything after an upgrade.


Simply paste your audio URL into a post. Or, create a normal link to the audio file using any Flarum compatible BBcode or Markdown.

Now go forth and spread music across your Flarums. Go! Now!